Banner showing the Umeå municipality was runner-up in iCaptial 2018

where we are

Map of Europe showing where Umeå is

Umeå lies in the north of Sweden, latitude 63°.

The Gulf Stream enables a good climate with four real seasons, a winter good for every winter sport, a beautiful spring, a summer good for every summer sport and a nice autumn where the variety of trees in the forest lets nature sparkle in colours.

Umeå is located roughly 400 kilometers south of the Arctic circle. Umeå is the province capital of Västerbotten County.

Hours of sun: 1 782/year
Precipitation: 668 mm/year
Residents: 125 080 in the municipality, within the northern region 900 000
Average age: 38
Number of businesses in Umeå: 14 000
Number of students at Umeå university and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: ca 35 000 students

Umeå municipality were runner up in 2018's European Capital of Innovation