Banner showing the Umeå municipality was runner-up in iCaptial 2018

The Innovation loop

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“The innovation loop” is a process formed and currently implemented in the County Västerbotten. The main purpose is to create the best possible atmosphere and excellent opportunities for ideas and innovation to flourish, and the goal is to be the best in the world at generating and realizing these ideas.

Key aspects of the innovation loop

The innovation loop wants to engage every sector of society – students, politicians, scientists, seniors, entrepreneurs etc. – and give them the opportunity to be the change they want to see in the world. It is set to inspire evolution on a daily basis and keep the momentum going. Documenting this co-creative progress is an essential part of continuous improvement.

Regional benefits

  • Opens up cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Strengthen the regions self-image and brings the region together
  • Promotes the idea that every individual can and will contribute
  • Promote the region as a creative hot-spot

European benefits

  • Fostering development of innovative co-creative societies in Europe through the engagement of citizens, actors of the public sector, enterprises and actors in research/innovation
  • Development of new European action-driven innovation networks, creating opportunities for growth, involving enterprises, young entrepreneurs, incubators, universities and innovation centers
  • Supporting open data, open innovation, business model innovation, public-private innovation and social innovation
Umeå municipality were runner up in 2018's European Capital of Innovation