Banner showing the Umeå municipality was runner-up in iCaptial 2018

Cultures role for innovation

Cultural performance night with fire walking dancers in Umeå, Sweden

Umeå is a place where both challenges and contradictions are made visible and drive the development forward. This is where the free, the modern cultural expressions, the institutional and the traditional expressions in new and different forms of cooperation meet. Everyone does not appreciate everything that is said and done in our arenas of culture, but we do believe that we are developing and growing through differences.

"Creativity cannot be really regulated, byt it can be encouraged. The redevelopment or revitalisation of a city is an art. It depends on the individual strengths of a place and the will of the leadership to bring about change. The goal is to establish a cultural infrastructure."
Charles Landry

Openness, respect and mutual tolerance are created by daring to express and listen to each other even if we do not always agree. An inclusive, dynamic and democratic city dares to see conflicts, respects different interpretations and experiences, and creates space for everyone, especially those rarely seen and heard. The forms of expression of culture must therefore be free and independent from commercial interests and political pressures.

Umeå municipality were runner up in 2018's European Capital of Innovation