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Europes first 5G city!

Abstract background of blurred network with green lights at 5G start-up in Umeå

With5G start-ups and big corporations’ – solutions, products and services can be tested on a big scale. Umeå as a 5G-city will give start-ups new opportunities.In the spring of 2018 media reported that Umeå will be the first 5G testcity in Sweden – making Sweden one of the leaders in the development of 5G.


5G can handle large amounts of data in new and more advanced ways. It provides an extreme fast connection with very little delay, greater security than today’s network solutions and at a lower cost and use of energy. This creates the necessary infrastructure for Internet of Things (IoT) and gives new opportunities for sensors, computers, smartphones, watches, eyewear and cameras – where the digital reality in real-time is combined with virtual reality and augmented reality. The5G-technology creates new opportunities for a smarter, more connected world.

New possibilities

This will give new possibilities for start-ups in Umeå, according to the stakeholders.

“We hope the test environment will lead to an increased interest from industries and enterprises, which will lead to the rise of start-ups that are connected to 5G. It’s not the 5G itself that is interesting, it’s the possibilities that the technology creates and how we use it to develop our society,” says Anders Kjellander, CEO at Umeå SciencePark.

This project focuses on building the infrastructure for 5G in Umeå – starting with the university and the university hospital but also looking to create a space where future products and services can be developed and tested.

"The residents of Umeå are very environmentally aware. This drives municipal organizations to work actively with sustainability-issues, often in collaboration with the university and the local industry."
Albert Edman, Strategic Development Coordinator, City of Umeå

Start-ups testing different solutions

We asked Nils-Olof Forsgren, CEO of the incubator Uminova Innovation, what he thinks this venture will mean for the start-up scene in Umeå.

“A big venture like this means that start-ups and big corporations will be able to test different solutions, products and services in a much bigger scale and work together side by side.And this will continue to strengthen our position as a strong tech region where we develop solutions for the future.”

Peter Eriksson, the Swedish minister for digital development sees great opportunities with an entire cityas a 5G-test bed:

“Many companies and industries will be interested in such a venture. And 5G is also interesting and exciting because we don’t know what will come of it. So a venture like this will help and simplify future development and investments in 5G-technology.”

The project “Umeå5G” is a collaboration between the municipality of Umeå, the Västerbotten CountyCouncil, Umeå Energy UmeNet, Umeå University and Umeå Science Park.

Umeå municipality were runner up in 2018's European Capital of Innovation