Umeå has an effective and inclusive support system for innovation with world class academic and business incubators [with wide-ranging focus from biomedicine to creative and cultural sectors]. Equally important is the environment in which they operate. Fortunately, it lies in Umeå’s DNA to work inclusively and to challenge perceptions, creating a reflexive and stimulating environment to work in.

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“It´s about people and creativity, strong universities, collaboration between universities, between private companies, but also the local community and the city. Umeå is a driver for innovation a place where there is a push for new things.”
To solve difficult questions Mikael Damberg, the Swedish minister of enterprise & innovation speaks highly of Umeå as a driver for innovation.

Stories of impact 2020: Expanding

The city of Umeå works closely with Umeå Institute of Design

Stories of impact 2020: Empowering

Umeå’s name as an international innovation hotspot is generating a growing interest within Sweden.

Stories of impact 2020: Engaging

Umeå – an accelerating testbed for the sharing economy

Stories of impact 2020: Experimenting

Through Digital Impact North, a collaboration between Umeå University

Sweden’s only life science incubator

UBI is Sweden’s only life science incubator, established by rebellious scientists.

Umeå - iCapital runners-up 2018

Umeå finished as runners-up in the European Capital of Innovation 2018.

Why Tim Brown likes Umeå

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO visited Umeå Institute of Design in May 2018 to find out about why ...

Umeå - a progressive and gender equal city

Umeå is often described as a progressive, aware and gender equal city. For decades, gender ...

Fostering talents and creating leaders

Umeå was this year elected to Best Athletic City in Sweden. Not that surprising since 71 % of ...

Vibrant and thriving collaborations

Innovation is crucial for development. To speed up the pace of innovation and economic growth ...

Umeå University part of the Nobel Prize

One of the finest innovation prizes in the world is the Nobel Prize. In his last will and ...

The Innovation loop

“The innovation loop” is a process formed and currently implemented in the County Västerbotten ...

The Innovation Manifesto

Umeå is a strong actor within the Swedish innovation system. The city has an effective and ...

Stories of impact: Expanding

The politicians in the six biggest cities in the northern part of Sweden have decided to jointly ...

Stories of impact: Engaging

Kids telling the pro’s what to do is a method used by Kulturverket, a part of the municipality ...

Stories of impact: Experimenting

The city of Umeå provides guided bus tours around the city to show “the gendered landscape of Umeå”.

Europes first 5G city!

Umeå as a 5G-city will give start-ups new opportunities

Cultures role for innovation

Openness, respect and mutual tolerance are created by daring to express and listen to each other